Vol 10, No 1(19) (2017)

Rhetoric and Peace at Crossroads: Public and Civic Discourse, Culture and Communication Perspectives

Dr. Noemi Marin, Professor, School of Communication and Multimedia Studies, Florida Atlantic University, USA

Dr. Lara Martin Lengel,  School of Media and Communication, Bowling Green State University, USA

Table of Contents


Introduction PDF


Peace talks: indexical master tropes and their potential for conflict in the construction of national identity PDF
Bogdan STEFANESCU 11-31
The making of a civic discourse on controversial historical past: from denial to parrhesia PDF
Giovanna LEONE, Mauro SARRICA 33-53
Nobel peace speech PDF
Joshua FRYE, Macy SUCHAN 55-72
Writing a love letter to your (perceived) enemy: Thích Nhất Hạnh and the rhetoric of nonviolence PDF
Macro-reasoning and cognitive gaps: understanding post-Soviet Russians’ communication styles PDF
Elena FELL 91-110
Ethiopian journalism from self-censoring to silence: a case of reporting on internal conflict PDF
Mulatu Alemayehu MOGES 111-128
Global rhetorics of disaster: media constructions of Bataclan and the “Colectiv Revolution” in the wake of 9/11 PDF
Maria-Sabina DRAGA ALEXANDRU 129-144
La communication publique contre les garants de la paix : l’exemple des signes religieux dans les lieux publics PDF
Anne-Hélène LE CORNEC UBERTINI 145-172
Public memory, digital media, and prison narratives at Robben Island PDF
Rulon WOOD, Julia BERGER, Marouf HASIAN 173-197
De la concertation à la contestation : quand la peur de la rhétorique envenime les controverses sociotechniques PDF
Marieke STEIN 197-214
Sustainability and ethnic peace discourse: in search for syn-ergies from bringing together discourses on intercultural communication and on global sustainability PDF
Dominic BUSCH, Jana MÖLLER-KIERO 215-235


Christian Metz and the mediatization PDF
Oscar TRAVERSA 239-253
Mediated Holocaust memories in Italy from 1945 to present PDF
Angelo Maria CIMINO 255-266
Uncertainty and indeterminacy in Brazilian social and media formation: references to think of the problem of recognition in the public space PDF
Jairo FERREIRA 267-285

Research notes/Book reviews

Notes de lecture PDF
Manuel LIBENSON, Richard POTTIER 287-292

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